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Vision & Mission
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar came into existence in July 22, 2008, inheriting the brand name IIT. This fact itself charges the Institute not only to be worthy of its inheritance but also to be distinctive and distinguished on its own by scripting a path towards novelties. Presented below are the statements for Vision, Mission, Goals & Strategies (to achieve the Goals) and the Core Values of IIT Bhubaneswar.

“We will be a highly respected Institute in the world for our distinctive knowledge”

1. To shape ourselves into a learning community where we work, listen and respect each other.
2. To encourage and facilitate faculty, researchers and students to work synergistically across discipline boundaries.
3. To infuse a sense of excitement in students in innovation & invention, design & creation and entrepreneurship.
4. To develop and pursue curricula those are dynamic, flexible and holistically designed to facilitate creativity and cognitive thinking.
5. To strive for productive partnership between the industry and the Institute.

1. Promoting globally competitive academic programs and ambience that support intellectual growth and skill acquisition.

Promote skills to critically analyze and the competency to effectively synthesize and apply new knowledge in curriculum development and delivery.
Address the changing needs of the region, state, nation and world in the learning process.
Create a diverse, fully-engaged, learner-centric campus environment.
Strengthen the national and international competitiveness of the students by facilitating international internships, industrial project opportunities, student exchange and study abroad participation.
Put equal emphasis on discovery science and solution science.
Bring research into class rooms.
2. Expanding world-class interdisciplinary research and scholarly endeavours.

Promote distinctive research programs that address the real life as well as futuristic issues.
Strengthen integrated and synergistic interdisciplinary research within and across the various Schools.
Broaden and strengthen the Institute’s research base and support infrastructure by engaging with partners from all sectors of the economy.
Create a talent pool of world-class faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, doctoral and post-graduate students.
Create an excellent support staff structure and regularly upgrade their competencies.
Evolve itself into a repository of intellectual properties and prototypes on a globally competitive basis.
3. Strengthening and providing support in sustaining a healthy society by improving the quality of life through application of technology.

Establish an institutional structure to facilitate and promote community engagement and societal enterprise.
Include community engagements into the Institute’s promotional guidelines.
Encourage and reward faculty and students’ efforts in community development. Acknowledge efforts and gains in official statements and transcripts.
4. Establishing a strong and sustainable economic base for the Institute.

Encourage and facilitate sponsored projects, consultancy and technology transfer for creating a sound corpus.
Utilize brand value for attracting endowment for sponsored chairs and scholarships.
Support entrepreneurial endeavours especially in commercializing emerging technologies evolved out of the Institute labs through public private partnership.
5. Building up a healthy and robust IIT Bhubaneswar family.

Promote and sustain a positive working environment and maintain a significantly improved service quality.
Improve staff support through expanding professional development opportunities.
Perform Institute’s corporate social responsibilities with utmost sincerity.
Nourish and sustain vibrant co- and extra-curricular activities.
Create an ambience for bonding through equity, trust and mutual respect.
1. Respecting students as budding engineers and scientists embarking on a journey towards innovation and invention.
2. Nurturing freedom of thought and expression and encouraging sense of inquiry.
3. Empowering each person to rise to his/her full potential.
4. Respecting the opinions and rights of others.


School of Basic Sciences: Among the new IITs established, the School of Basic Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar envisages to become a state-of-the-art department with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in science. The school proposes to offer integrated M.Sc-Ph.D program and Ph.D program in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in order to nurture young minds towards scientific challenges. The school also proposes to offer M.Tech program in Nanoscience and postdoctoral program in the above discipline to motivate researchers and scientists to build their career in academics and industries.

School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences

Vision:To provide intellectual, congenial and vibrant atmosphere for developing state of the art education and research in Earth System Sciences guided by an integrated systemic view of Earth-Ocean-Atmospheric interaction processes for sustainable development.

Earth is a complex and dynamic system. While understanding and appreciating its working is essential, knowledge of its dynamics is not only important but also necessary for sustainable living. Earth scientists, atmospheric scientists and oceanographers have challenging responsibilities to help guide the planet through the current climate crisis.

The School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar has been set up taking the aforesaid into consideration. Though rich in natural resources, Odisha is also prone to natural calamities like flood, drought, tropical storms and cyclones. The region also faces massive problems of pollution due to large mining operations and coal combustion, costal erosions, mangrove depletion etc. The famous Chilka lake and bio-reserve areas like Similipal are under severe threats. Even though these appear as local and regional problems, they have far reaching global implications.

It is the aim of the School to create well trained, educated and competent human resource to address various issues like protection of water and air, development of renewable energy, hydrocarbons, disaster prediction and preparedness, watershed and flood management, coastal erosion, environment pollution assessment, resource conservation and recycling, development of clean technologies, climate change prediction and impact on socio-economic well-being.

The School shall offer both undergraduate and post graduate level degree programmes besides doctoral research avenues. The proposed programmes are designed to impart state-of-the-art education and training on both fundamental and applied aspects of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences besides enabling the students to carry out cutting edge research in Earth System Sciences.

School of Electrical Sciences

Mission:The mission of the School of Electrical Sciences is to shape graduates into hardcore professionals who would become effective leaders and noteworthy innovators in the technology areas of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering. While producing competent professionals and responsible citizens, it is also our endeavour to ensure that our graduates adhere to ethical values in life and be sensitive to environmental and social issues. It is also part of our mission to motivate and encourage our students to engage in lifelong learning which would help them keep abreast with contemporary developments in their fields of operation and enable them to leverage on the power of knowledge to become outstanding performers in whatever careers they choose.

Vision:The School of Electrical Sciences is envisioned to be in the vanguard of learning and research activities to be undertaken by IIT Bhubaneswar and would be providing the expertise and environment to mould high quality professionals and technology leaders in the broad areas of Electrical Engineering. It aims to offer world class undergraduate, graduate and research programs in cutting-edge technology of Electrical Engineering to equip talented minds to scale new professional heights.

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management

Mission and Vision:Scientific temper can only thrive and proliferate in a holistic environment-an environment that boasts of an optimum mix of rationality and art. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences projects the humane face of technology that aims to infuse in the students a sense of conscientiousness through the study of Literature and Language. It is imperative that budding scientists and engineers should be sensitive and sensible in order to appreciate the finer things in life. The school envisions in making men that are receptive and responsive in temperament, and secular and responsible in character. It also aims to produce technocrats, who can contribute productively to the world of economics and commerce.

Creative thinking besides technical expertise is essential for engineers and scientists in the making. It is the School’s aim to nurture and augment the creative faculties of its students. Visualisation of an abstract idea or concept before giving it a form or a structure is an exercise that the school wishes to put to practice to develop cognitive abilities of young minds.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at creating a syllabus that will help students and scholars to develop into well rounded personalities. It wishes to propagate knowledge that is utilitarian and aesthetic in its makeup.


Infrastructure:In the arena of worldwide infrastructural escalation, School of Infrastructure at IIT Bhubaneswar has come up to dedicate excellence in engineering education, creation of knowledge, innovation in research and leadership in professional services. The mission of the School is to offer unbounded academic environment in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, doctoral program, research, and public service. Presently the School offers programs as follows:

B.Tech. in Civil Engineering
M.Tech. in Structural Engineering &Transportation Engineering
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
The academic activities of the School emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering, and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature. The School also encourages its students to engage in extracurricular activities, essential for development, promotion of team spirit, and refining their budding managerial skills.

Activities:The school is having a highly dedicated team of faculty members with a strong passion for furthering the cause of teaching and research. They have outstanding research contribution in their own fields of specialization, the details of which are available in the relevant web pages. They welcome dedicated students for pursuing their cutting edge research and offer state of the art consultancy in the area of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure which strengthens IIT Bhubaneswar’s service to the nation.

Laboratories:Department of Civil Engineering, School of Infrastructure presently runs with eight well equipped laboratories as follows:
Advanced Computational Engineering Laboratory
Concrete Technology Laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Structural Engineering Laboratory
Surveying Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Water Resources Engineering Laboratory

School of Mechanical Sciences

Vision Statement:The School of Mechanical Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar will be a premier learning centre for education and will be internationally recognized in a variety of areas of mechanical sciences research and scholarly work. The unique intellectual fusion within school of Mechanical sciences creates new opportunities for students and will lead to a richer experience both in the classroom and the laboratory.

The School of Mechanical Sciences will:

Have a dynamic faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, creating and transferring knowledge that provide the foundation for new educational programs in areas of emerging technologies.
Respond to current societal needs by developing selected “target research thrusts” which utilize the talent and encompass the aspiration of the faculty and by providing the appropriate research infrastructure supporting our faculty to excel in their field of expertise.

Offer nationally recognized, integrated, undergraduate/graduate engineering educational programs that tailor a student’s learning expertise to her/his professional and career aspirations.
Maintain state-of-the-art laboratories and facility infrastructure to support the educational and research enterprise.

Mission Statement

The mission of the school of Mechanical Sciences is to provide an excellent educational experience for its students. This experience includes an emphasis on the technical, communication, teamwork and life-long learning skills in which graduate engineers need to excel at the workplace and in the society in general. The curriculum aims to emphasize a rigorous treatment of the mathematical and scientific approach to the solution of engineering problems. The program endorses the design across the curriculum and is capped with an integrated design experience in the form of a senior project.


School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (SMMME)

The School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (SMMME) at IIT Bhubaneswar, established in 2012, is a unique initiative in the present science and technology education and research scenario of India. It is perhaps the only school among premier institutes where minerals, metals and materials have come into a collaborative existence with a mission to be locally relevant and globally competitive. Located in the state of Odisha, one of the most mineral rich states of India, the school is aware of the fact that the maximum economic benefit from a mineral could be harvested via a processing route where the in-situ mineral is economically transformed to its final commercial product, leading to ultimate societal upliftment. The school with faculty from a diverse background of minerals, metals and materials is gearing up to achieve this end.

Currently, the focus of school activities is multi-directional with an emphasis on both research and education. Even at its incipient stage, the school has drawn a road-map to progress via partnership. Accomplishments in this direction include: (a) entering into a MoU with the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT) at Bhubaneswar to foster R&D and teaching by pooling of the individual inner resource; (b) setting up a collaboration with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at Warwick University, UK allowing student and faculty exchange; (c) receiving a generous endowment of 30 million INR from MGM Group (a leading mining and steel company in Odisha) to establish a permanent Chair Professorship. Further collaborative research and academic ventures with universities in Europe and USA are also in the pipeline. The school has started the first Masters Program in Materials Science and Engineering from August 2012 with students coming from all four corners of the country. Presently, the SMMME-team is focused in setting up a vibrant research facility in minerals, metals and materials by 2013 and also start an undergraduate curriculum at the earliest.

Contact address

Information Cell
Email:- info@iitbbs.ac.in
Phone: +91 674 2306 300 / +91 674 2301 337

Samantapuri (Rearside of Hotel Swosti Plaza)
Bhubaneswar-751 013
Phone: +91 674 2301 982 Fax: +91 674 2301983
Email:- registrar@iitbbs.ac.in

Office of the Director
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
Bhubaneswar-751 013
Email:- director.office@iitbbs.ac.in
Phone: +91 674 2306200, +91 674 2576001

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