Loyola School Bhubaneswar

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Loyola School Bhubaneswar


At Loyola, we have begun introducing several reforms to make learning, STUDENT FRIENDLY. We provide our children with umpteen number of opportunities to excel and prove themselves. Every child is a lamp which can radiate the planet with its luminosity and enlighten humankind. It is the power of education that channelizes their full potential in serving humanity. Academic Excellence with good Moral and Spiritual values has always been Loyola’s first priority as today’s students would shoulder the World Responsibilities tomorrow. Your co-operation will help us to expedite our mission.Studies and Curriculum

The course of studies will extend from kindergarten to Std XII and is oriented towards the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Indian School Certificate (ISC).

The medium of instruction is English. A high standard of English is necessary for success in the ICSE/ISC. However, Hindi and Oriya have a vital role in the curriculum and are taught daily in all standards. The intellectual formation in Loyola is liberal and universal yet rooted in Indian tradition as per suggestions made by the Indian Education Commissions.

The Curriculum, therefore, embraces religious instruction (for Christians) and Value Education, English Literature, History, Geography, Civics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce and Accountancy, Economics, Computer Science, Socially Useful Productive Work (such as class cleaning) and Environmental Studies (EVS). No language other than English is allowed within the campus.

Regular attendance, alertness in class, performance of regular class work and revision are sufficient to make progress. Parents can make the class teaching even more valuable if they speak English to their wards at home. English is the medium of instruction.

Private tuition for our school children is not encouraged.

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Loyola School Bhubaneswar

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