STEM Stars Scholarship Program

STEM Stars Scholarship Program: Infosys Foundation announces Scholarship in India addresses the pressing issue of approximately 1.6 million girls being deprived of education, with around 25% facing dropout rates, especially during grades 10 to 12. Recognizing the pivotal role STEM education plays in unlocking career opportunities, fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and empowering girls in the digital era, this initiative seeks to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields.

Despite 52% of women enrolling in STEM courses during graduation, only 29% transition to the STEM workforce due to barriers like limited access, lack of mentorship, confidence issues, and financial constraints. To counter these challenges, Infosys Foundation introduces STEM Stars, a scholarship program specifically designed for girl students. The program aims to motivate and financially support them in pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM disciplines.

Applicants are required to submit essential documents, including Class 12 marksheets, JEE/CET/NEET scorecards, government-issued identity proof, admission proof for the current year, family income proof, and recent electricity bills. Additionally, bank account details and a recent passport-size photograph are necessary for application.

Eligibility criteria include Indian citizenship, enrollment in the first year of reputable institutes (NIRF accredited) for Engineering, Medical (MBBS), and related STEM streams, an annual family income not exceeding INR 8,00,000, admission into identified colleges, and maintenance of a CGPA of 7 in engineering or equivalent and passing all subjects for MBBS throughout the course. The STEM Stars Scholarship Program is a proactive step towards creating equal opportunities for girls in the vital field of STEM education in India.

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