Infosys Foundation Scholarship for Girls: Empowering STEM Stars

Infosys Foundation Scholarship for Girls

Apply for Infosys Foundation Scholarship for Girls In India, millions of girls are still deprived of education, with approximately 1.6 million girls remaining out of school. Sadly, around 25% of girl students in India face the unfortunate circumstance of dropping out, particularly during their 10th to 12th grade. However, an education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is crucial for India and its girl students.

STEM education unlocks a myriad of career prospects, fuels innovation, stimulates economic growth, and tackles societal changes. Above all, it empowers girls in today’s digital age. Unfortunately, Indian women in STEM are highly under-represented. Data indicates that while 52% of women enroll for STEM courses for their graduation, only 29% of them end up joining the STEM workforce.

The lack of access, mentorship, confidence, and monetary constraints are the primary reasons why many girls do not opt for STEM, despite realizing its advantages in propelling their career forward. To bridge this gap and encourage more girl students to pursue an undergraduate degree in STEM, Infosys Foundation has introduced STEM Stars, a scholarship program.

STEM Stars aims to provide financial assistance and encouragement to girl students. The program supports those enrolled in the first year of graduation at reputed institutes (NIRF accredited) in fields such as Engineering, Medical (MBBS), and other related STEM streams. To be eligible, applicants must have obtained admission into the identified colleges and completed their Class 12.

The eligibility criteria for the Infosys Foundation Scholarship for Girls are as follows:

Girl students who are citizens of India

Annual family income of less than or equal to INR 8,00,000

Ongoing performance score of CGPA 7 in engineering and related courses, and a pass qualification in all subjects for the year in MBBS

Applicants must provide the necessary documents, including Class 12 mark sheets, passing certificates, admission proof, family income proof, electricity bills, bank account details, and a recent passport-size photograph.

By providing financial assistance and support, the Infosys Foundation Scholarship for Girls aims to empower more girls in India to pursue STEM education, fostering a brighter future for them and the nation as a whole. To apply for the scholarship, please visit