ETH Zurich Research Partnership Grants

Please apply for ETH Zurich Research Partnership Grants if you are interested and meet the eligibility criteria….Research Partnership Grants support the deepening of an existing partnership or the establishment of a new partnership through a joint research project in any scientific discipline, or activities in the field of education.  

Grant sum: max. 25 kCHF
Project duration: up to 12 months
Eligible partners: located in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan and ASEAN member states.

Goals and objectives of ETH Zurich Research Partnership Grants:The Research Partnership Grants support research projects with partner institutions. The collaboration can be based on a new partnership or on an existing partnership between researchers and scientists affiliated to a Swiss institution and researchers from the partner country.

The goal of this instrument is to allow researchers to conduct feasibility studies or pilot projects in order to apply for grants from other funding agencies. Research Partnership Grants can fund the preparation of a joint project proposal for submission to other funding agencies (e.g. national funding agencies or EU funding schemes) or research projects to develop long-​term partnerships between two institutions or research groups. Activities to intensify joint teaching or curriculum development are also eligible for this grant.

Eligibility:The call is open to all scientific disciplines and fields of research, including social sciences and humanities.

Switzerland-​based main applicant:

Professors, senior scientists and postdoctoral researchers of Swiss federal and cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education, as well as public research institutes, are eligible to apply. Please check the eligible institutions here. The Switzerland-​based scientist is the main applicant.

Note to applicants from UAS/UTE: UAS/UTE staff with research responsibility (group leaders, researchers with 5+ years of experience) and in equivalent functions are eligible to apply. If in doubt or in case you are not sure whether your position is eligible to act as a Principle Investigator (PI), please email or

Asia-​based collaborator:The Asia-​based collaborator must be a scientist affiliated with a university or a public research institute from one of the partner countries or territory. The Asia-​based co-​PI must hold a faculty or senior scientist position or be a researcher with a doctoral degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) with several years of research experience.

Asia-​based researchers interested in acting as co-​applicants on the Asian side have to contact their Switzerland-​based peers.   

3 July 2023 Call Launch (12 pm)
Application Deadline:30 September 2023
Review Process:October – November
Mid-​December Decision
1 February 2024 Earliest Project Start
30 April 2024 Latest Project Start
Application Process
The Switzerland-​based applicant must apply to ETH Zurich as the Leading House Asia. The application must be submitted online with the following attachments in one single pdf document (English).

The application shall include:

Completed research plan
CV of Switzerland-​based PI (and any co-​applicants), max. 2 pages each
CV of Asia-​based co-​applicant (and any additional co-​applicants), max. 2 pages each
Any other supporting document(s)
Applications that do not follow the instructions above will be dismissed.

For more information visit: