Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024: Empowering Underprivileged Students through Education

Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship Scheme 2024 is an initiative by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation (NGO) to provide financial assistance to underprivileged students pursuing various degree and diploma courses. This scholarship is open to students from class 11 to the postgraduate level.


The scholarship is open to students currently enrolled in class 11, 12, ITI, diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree programs. To be eligible, applicants must have met the minimum percentage requirement in their previous qualifying examination.


This Scholarship Scheme 2024 offers financial support to deserving students to help them pursue their educational goals. The exact amount of the scholarship and the number of scholarships awarded may vary depending on the availability of funds and the number of eligible applicants.

This scholarship aims to empower underprivileged students by providing them with the means to access quality education and improve their future prospects. It recognizes the importance of education in transforming lives and aims to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply for the Scholarship Scheme 2024 and take a step towards realizing their dreams.

One can Apply throughout the year

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