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Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd. Courses

Bull’s Eye – For X to XI Moving Students (Target : JEE 2018, Duration : 2 Years)
The best brains compete to get admission to this 2 year legendary course. Analytical thinking with the systematic approach towards problem solving is the main objective of this course. If you think you are capable then this course is precisely for you.

Acme – For X to XI Moving Students (Target : JEE 2018, Duration : 2 Years)
If, for some reason or the other, you missed out on the coveted first phase of admission, don’t loose heart; you can still avail the opportunity to shape your future. There is a second course for you, precisely like the first one, except that it will start from June 2015.

Nucleus – For XI to XII Moving Students (Target : JEE 2017, Duration : 1 Year)
You have completed Class XI and if you are desirous of becoming an Engineering professional through prestigious IITs, we take charge to guide you through it. Here Class XII PCM syllabus target IITJEE will be covered. Portion of Class XI PCM will not be taught separately, however, it will be taken up only through DPPs. This course prepares you in right earnest and teaches you the ways that are required to take on the IITJEE at the end of class XII.

Sterling – For XII Pass Students (Target : JEE 2017, Duration : 1 Year)
You might have realised by now that you have everything – intelligence, capability and willpower, but what you lack is focussed guidance – the do’s and don’ts of IITJEE preparation and a stimulating atmosphere. At this juncture, we offer you our helping hand. Come, resurrect your confidence, shape-up your ideas, strengthen your foundation and get in to the top gear of IITJEE preparation with a course that can easily claim to be at par with the best offered anywhere in India.

Azusa – For XII Pass Students (Target : JEE 2016, Duration : Short Term Course after Class XII)
Success in JEE needs many things – razor sharp precision, cool temperament and flawless knowledge. At times you find that though you have an adequate background, still gaps are left, and they need to be filled before IITJEE. An intense 3 months comprehensive course aims for the same. Nothing matches a focused approach – since time is less and work is more. At this juncture, you will find that the ‘little push’ you need to get to be an IITian is precisely supplied by this course.

Legend – For XII Pass Students (Target : JEE [Main] 2017, Duration : 1 Year)
This course is specially designed for class 12th pass students for giving a platform to prepare for JEE Main in a systematic manner. This course includes Theory Classes to cover the complete syllabus, Daily Practice Problem Session (unique for JEE Main) for doubt removal, Monthly Test to enhance Test Taking Skills and above all best & most experienced faculty team who will lead the student to achieve excellence in academics for JEE Main.


Every Good Building Begins with one important thing ” A SOLID FOUNDATION”. Now Bansal Classes Has moved one step Ahead by introducing courses for classes 8th, 9th & 10th. We believe in Nurturing a young mind to give a competitive edge.

Distance Learning

Study Material Program for Class IX, X, XI and XII ( Achievers Comprehensive Course ) The course is Ideal for the students preparing for the prestigious competitive examination Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical. In this course we offer Study Material Course for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, Study Material Course for Pre-Medical, Postal Test Series for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, Postal Test Series for AIPMT, AIIMS and other Engineering and Pre Medical entrance examinations.

Bansal Classes All India Test Series (AITS)
Key resulting factor for a student to achieve desired success in the prestigious JEE Main | Advance Examination is to develop right examination writing skills coupled with continuous evaluation of self under the pre set examination pattern by simulating the examination environment. Bansal Classes AITS provides students with right mix of questions in well spaced tests and an opportunity to compete with best potential rankers across nation further helping in building right aptitude and test temperament.

Bansal Classes Test Series portal offers following types of courses both at center i.e. sit down test mode & at Postal mode. The course offerings are provided for JEE Main & JEE Advanced:

Salient Features of Test Series Courses:

Examination Pattern Relevant Quality Question Bank.
Hints and Solutions.
Test Analysis with All India Ranking.
Most Appropriate Examination Simulation Tool.
Increase Speed along with Accuracy thereby making student more confident to approach tests with positive mind set.
Develops Test Taking Aptitude and Temperament. was started by Bansal Classes to provide an exhaustive online test platform to students preparing for competitive exams. If one wants to do well in exams, only studying well is not sufficient. One has to practice a lot, analyze weak areas and improve them. One must also be aware about where one stands with respect to competition. provides tests with high quality questions, designed by Bansal Classes faculty and rich reports and insights on students’ performance. The platform is powered by technology from Sigrid Education.

Bansal Classes App for Android and Windows
The First Choice of Engineering Aspirants
Join the league of Toppers with the institute which has produced over 18,500 IITians and built on the strength and trust of over 1,25,000 students till date.

Study eBooks made by expert faculty to understand all the topics.
Make notes on your eBooks to record your thoughts and learning using our annotation tools.
Attempt thousands of problems to test your skills.
If you get stuck in any problem, click to play the audio/video solution.
Solution of over 10,000 questions with first of its kind technology Sigrid Notes.
Online topic-wise and competitive tests to check where you stand against your peers.
Rich reporting analytics to identify your areas of strength and weakness.
Recommendations on which topic areas to revise.
Practical tips on how to increase your test scores, based on your actual performance.

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