National Fellowship and Scholarship for ST students

National Fellowship and Scholarship for of ST Students for Higher Education

i. It is a Central Sector Scheme, fully funded by Ministry of Tribal Affairs to grant scholarship to meritorious ST students for pursuing higher education in India.
ii. This scheme has two sub-schemes. The first sub-scheme is National
Fellowship Scheme for pursuing M.Phil or Ph.D after completion of Master
degree. The second sub-scheme is National Scholarship Scheme, for
pursuing Graduate/Post Graduate courses in the selected top class
Government and Non-Government Institutes in professional fields such as
Management, Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Law etc.
iii. The above mentioned two sub schemes are continuing schemes and were merged into one scheme in the financial year 2017-18
PART –A (National Fellowship Scheme)

  1. Objective
    The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to
    meritorious Scheduled Tribe students to enable them to pursue higher education after completing post-graduate degree.
  2. Salient Features of the Scheme
    Fellowship under the Scheme will be for pursuing MPhil, Ph.D by those ST students who have passed the Post-graduation/Master Degree examination.
    Note: – In case, under the national education policy, there is any change in the type of course, the same will be incorporated in the guidelines. However, the scholars already covered under the scheme prior to 2021-22, will be allowed to complete the course as per the existing scheme.
    Eligibility and Course Duration
    Course Duration


For M. Phil 2 years or date of submission of
dissertation, whichever is earlier

For M. Phil + Ph D 2+3 =5 years or date of submission
of dissertation, whichever is earlier

For Ph.D 5 years or date of submission of
dissertation, whichever is earlier

Eligibility for all above: Post-Graduation and should have
taken admission in the universities
covered under the category, as
mentioned at 2.4 below.

(ii). The candidates should have
minimum 55% marks at the final
examination/grading at PG level at the link below:t

Download full details at the link below


Apply by 17.01.2023

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