Kalinga School of Rural Management – KSRM


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Kalinga School of Rural Management – KSRM


VISION:Use Knowledge Driven Approach to become a leading Global Academic Institution in the field of Rural Management.

MISSION:To catalyse the process of sustainable rural development and minimize existing rural- urban divide.
KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM), Bhubaneswar came into existence with the laying of the foundation stone by the father of the White Revolution, Late Dr. Verghese Kurien & Dr. A Samanta, Founder of KIIT Group of Institute & KISS on 20th November, 2006 in the premises of the KIIT University.

Kalinga School of Rural Management – KSRM

Rationale Of The School:In spite of impressive economic growth in India in the last decade, the level of rural poverty and unemployment remains high and the problem of rural-urban disparity has got exacerbated.

The fact is that a little more than 50 per cent of India’s population continues to be engaged in agriculture (which barely accounts for 14 per cent of GDP), while less than 30 per cent of the population works in the service sector, which accounts for more than 67 per cent of GDP. Although non-agricultural sectors continued to grow faster, this failed to wean away people from agriculture at the desired pace, leading to a lopsided growth of the Indian economy. Stagnation of agriculture, a sharp decline in employment is contributing to increasing rural-urban divide. It is time that rural people themselves take charge of the situation and create innovative organizations and institutional arrangements in order to achieve balanced growth of rural economy.

It is in this context that KSRM under KIIT University was established keeping in view the current and emerging rural development needs of the country. KSRM will constantly endeavor to improve the knowledge and practice content of its academic programme to match National and International standards. After IRMA, KSRM is the second full-fledged institute in the field of rural management in the country. KSRM will also have added advantage in terms of drawing faculty resources from its sister institutions under KIIT umbrella viz. School of Management, School of Technology and School of Biotechnology.

Re-Building The Discipline of Rural Management

KSRM will establish a strong tradition in research to identify and fill the gaps in various streams of rural management and development. Knowledge generation, its dissemination, exchange and networking will be our approach to address the problem of fragmentation of knowledge and expertise among numerous stakeholders engaged in rural development in the country. KSRM will provide a forum where linkages among the stakeholders viz. academic institutions, government agencies, public enterprises, NGOs and private entities can be strengthened through teaching, training, policy proofing, research, knowledge exchange and collaborations at local, national and international levels.


MBA (Rural Management)

Basic Banking

Financial Inclusion