Scheme of Pre-matric Scholarships in Assam


  1. Background
    With the objective of promoting literacy and uninterrupted education at the pre-matric level for children belonging to Scheduled Castes and children of parents/guardian who are engaged in unclean and hazardous occupations, the Government of India has been implementing two Centrally Sponsored Schemes, namely (i) the Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC Students and (ii) Pre-Matric Scholarship scheme for the children of parents/guardians engaged in unclean and hazardous occupation since 01.07.2012 and 01.04.1977 respectively. Keeping in view the large overlap in the target groups of these schemes, and with the objective of streamlining the implementation and optimizing resources, it has been decided to merge them into single scheme namely, ‘Pre-matric Scholarship Scheme for SC Students & Others’ w.e.f 2021-22. In order to have a separate data base for policy and planning purposes, this scheme will have two components, one for SC students studying in classes IX and X (Component 1), and the other for the children studying in Classes I to X, of parents/guardians engaged in unclean and hazardous occupation (Component 2).
  2. Objectives
    2.1 The scheme aims to support, through financial assistance, parents of children belonging to Schedules Caste and other disadvantaged categories for education of their wards studying at the Pre-Matric stage so that their participation improves, the incidence of drop-out – especially in the transition from the primary to the next level and elementary to the secondary stage – is minimized, they perform better and have a better chance of progressing to the Post-matric stage of education
  3. For full details download the guidelines in the link below.

Apply by 15.1.2023