Prof.Emeritus Madan Mohan Das Memorial Scholarship

Applications are open for Prof.Emeritus Madan Mohan Das Memorial Scholarship. Deadline 10 June 2023

Mr. Bhargab Mohan Das, AIT alumnus graduated in Structural Engineering (2005) support (24 credits + 4 semesters registration fees) to the Asian Institute of Technology through his contribution for named Scholarships and Student award for Best Master’s Thesis under his late father, Prof. Emeritus Madan Mohan Das.

Eligibilit for Prof.Emeritus Madan Mohan Das Memorial Scholarship

*Nationality: Thai and Indian (Assam State)

*Will study Master’s degree program in School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

*Condition for the continuation to the 2nd semester: The student should obtain a CGPA – 3.0 in the 1st semester to avail the scholarship for the 2nd semester.

*In a scenario, after 1st semester, if the student cannot meet the required threshold for CGPA, then the remaining 12 credits of the existing student, will be given to a new student for the upcoming semester.
*Must fulfill the AIT Admissions Requirements.

*Scholarship: 24 credits (12 credits for the 1st semester and 12 credits for the 2nd semester) and registration fee (4 semesters) for four semesters.

Deadline for August 2023 intake : 10 June 2023
Apply here:

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